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Payal Desai

Payal Desai, Physiotherapist

Payal Desai is our lead Physiotherapist. She has over 15 years of experience as a Physiotherapist (8 years in Canada). She has spent several years working in a clinic setting with those that have musculoskeletal conditions. She has been practicing in Angus for over 6 years. Her passion is to help injured people get back to activities that matter most to them. Payal uses hands-on manual therapy, therapeutic taping as well as acupuncture/dry needling as a part of her regular practice. When Payal is not working, she enjoys reading, camping in nature and spending quality time with her family and friends.

Payal Desai

Sachin Pandey, Physiotherapist

Sachin has been practicing physiotherapy since last 15 years. He has spent several years working in
different clinical settings with a special interest in orthopedics and arthritic conditions. Sachin’s treatment focuses on patient education, individualized exercise program and manual therapy as appropriate. He has completed training in acupuncture, manual therapy, Work Well and GLA: D Canada program. Sachin’s believe a clear communication and collaboration between the therapist and patient is the key to achieve optimal results. When Sachin is not working, he enjoys reading, biking and spending time with his family.

Payal Desai

Disti, Holistic Nutritionist

Disti is registered holistic nutritionist, certified diabetes educator and registered yoga teacher specializing in prenatal yoga with over 9 years of professional experience, a firm believer in finding the root cause of health problems instead of superficial recovery. Over the years, she has worked with several clients suffering from different clinical conditions starting from gut issues, cancer, hormonal imbalance, allergies, diabetes, and so on. With the right nutrition and lifestyle changes, she help her clients to achieve their health goals and live a healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically.

Join us on this transformative journey that will help you bring harmony between your mind,
body, and spirit.

Payal Desai

Christina Conte, Massage Therapist

Christina Conte is a graduate of the Georgian College Massage Therapy program and has been practising in our community since 2010. Christina’s treatments incorporate a variety of different massage techniques including Swedish, deep tissue, relaxation, trigger point, joint mobilization and myofascial release therapies.

Each massage is customized to her client’s health and wellness goals, and is integrated with the care her clients receive from other associates at Stride Physiotherapy and Sports Rehabilitation.

When Christina isn’t at work, she can be found enjoying time with her family.

Payal Desai

Sean Kerr, Chiropractor

A chiropractor and year round sports enthusiast, Dr. Kerr has dedicated his professional career over the past 28 years in treating clients with spine-related conditions involved in car accidents or workrelated injuries. During that time he has been fortunate to help thousands of patients achieve their individual health goals. Dr. Kerr provides patient-specific corrective exercise protocols as well as posture-based chiropractic care for each individual. Treatment plans are tailored based on the needs of the client ranging from pain relief to long-term maintenance care. 

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